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      • $50 (US) voucher towards bottle caps and labels of your own design

  • Best beer name 

    • (People's choice)

Conditions for an Award​

  • For awards to be made to any category there must be a minimum of 3 entries in the category. In this case where possible the beers will be included into the next most suitable category for judging purposes and feedback will still be provided.

  • An award will not be made to a category if, in the opinion of the judges, the quality of entries in that category does not warrant an award.\

  • Each category may need to have a Best of category judging flight. This will likely arise if there are too many entries for 1 set of judges to judge all entries in that category effectively. In this instance assistance from additional judging sets will be required. In this case there will be several groups of judges judging beers within the same category. To ensure that the best beers are compared fairly the top 2 or 3 top scoring beers from each judge set will be judged collectively as a single flight to award first, second and third placings. This may result in a beer with a lower score from one judging set placing higher overall than a beer with a higher score from a different judging set. 

  • If there are a manageable number of entries in a category for 1 set of judges to evaluate them effectively. In this case the judging will be more consistent and the placings will be awarded on the average score from the judging set. 

  • Best of Show - The top placed beers (either from a best of category flight or the average score) will be judged in a single flight across all styles. There will be no feedback given from this judging as feedback sheets will already have been completed, but a group discussion between judges will enable a consensus to be reached of the first, second and third placed beers of the Brew wild Competition.

  • Champion Brewer - This award will only be available to brewers who enter two beers or more. The total of points awarded to a brewer for their two best entries, working on the consensus that a first placing = 3 points, a second placing = 2 points and a third placing = 1 point. (E.g. Mrs F.Landers enters 4 beers and she is awarded with three placings, a first, 2 seconds placings and a third. She would therefore qualify for the champion brewer as she has entered at least two beers. Her claim to being champion brewer would come from the total points from her two best placing results which in her case would be 1st = 3 pts and one of her 2nd placings = 2pts giving her a total of 5 points.). If by chance there happens to be a points tie then the scores and judging feedback will be taken into account.

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